Stepping Up to a Healthier Lifestyle: My Journey from Elevators to Stairs

  • By Ravi Shankar Upadhyay
  • at December 13, 2023 -

 I consciously chose to resist the lift's lure and embrace the vigorous ascent of stairs in the busyness of modern life, where convenience frequently takes precedence. This seemingly insignificant alteration in my daily schedule has caused a wave of transformation in my perception of my general well-being as well as my physical state.

The transformation started with a straightforward decision to forgo the convenience of lifts in favour of a steady climb up steps. A feeling of empowerment surged through me as I took those first steps, and as I successfully completed each flight, I had a renewed sense of connection with my body and an increased awareness of my surroundings.

My energy levels had visibly increased, which was one of the first noticeable effects. My body eagerly reacted to the increased physical activity, no longer restricted to the lift's slumbering box. As a natural stimulant that left me feeling energised and prepared to take on any challenges ahead, climbing stairs became a regular routine for me.

Beyond the obvious health advantages, this new practice has been nothing short of revolutionary in terms of brain clarity. Every step has a repetitive cadence that acts as a kind of meditation, giving me time to think, make plans, and enjoy the beauty of advancement in relation to the stairs below me as well as the path of life in general.

A certain, subtle sensation of success is experienced upon reaching the top of a staircase. The act of defying gravity, whether it is through a small flight or a massive climb, instills resiliency and resolve. It serves as a daily reminder that even minor changes made consistently over time can have a big positive impact.

The feeling of togetherness the stairs have engendered has maybe been one of the most surprising transformations. Smiles shared, conversations with other stair fans, and the tacit solidarity of people who choose to forego the lift combine to create a shared experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Through all of this change, I've learned to value the small details in architecture, the attention to detail in every step, and the distinct viewpoint that comes from going through a building's heart. Once thought of as just a vertical mode of transportation, stairs are now associated with advancement and personal development.

Upon reflection on this journey—giving up lifts in favour of the lowly stairs—I can categorically state that the shift has been revolutionary. Every step has come to represent the positive change I've accepted, from mental health to physical fitness, from a feeling of success to new relationships. As it happens, by deciding to take the stairs rather than the lift, I've not only altered my daily routine but also discovered a way to live a longer, healthier life.


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